As pet-owners ourselves, we understand the importance of having well-behaved animals. Having a pet who responds to you in the manner in which you want, and obeys the rules of your home makes for a much more enjoyable life between you and your pet. However, your pet needs your help.

Your dog doesn’t have to be in puppyhood to benefit from training classes. Dogs of all ages can benefit from obedience training regardless of how old they are. And, you’ll enhance the owner-animal bond with your pet during class time as well as during home practice sessions.

The key to kitten and cat training is to make sure that whatever you want your cat to do is both rewarding and pleasurable. Whatever you don’t want your cat to do must never be rewarding or fun; actually, it should be unpleasant. Cat training is easy if you know and use the proper techniques.

Training a companion rabbit requires a commitment of time, energy, and thought on the part of its owner. Basic to this commitment is the owner’s understanding that a rabbit’s behavior is motivated by its natural need and inclination to chew and dig. It is also helpful to understand the social structure within rabbit colonies.