Keeping your pet well-groomed actually helps keep it healthy. In today’s busy world, it is a tremendous way to take a break from the grind and bond with your pet through gentle touching and TLC.

Depending upon the breed, your dog’s hair should be bathed when he is dirty or smelly. Most dogs enjoy and will benefit from a daily brushing session. Ears should be cleaned every one to two weeks with an ear cleaner. And dogs that enjoy swimming should have more frequent ear cleanings.

Proper nail trim is important for comfortable walking and proper gait. Long nails that impact a dog’s gait can lead to joint issues down the road. Brush your dog’s teeth every day to help prevent infections and tooth loss. Use a pet toothpaste and a soft brush on the outer surfaces of all the teeth. It should take about 20 seconds once your pet is used to it.

Cats really can use a little help with their grooming, and owners should pay attention to their eyes, ears, and coat. The key to good grooming lies in the length of the cat’s coat — the longer the coat, the more attention that should be paid to assisting your cat.

Rabbit grooming sessions should take place on a regular basis and include coat brushing as well as monthly nail trimming. It is also a great time to give your bunny a thorough exam, looking for ear mites or wax, fur mats, fleas or lice, mouth sores or misalignment of bite, and any unusual lumps on his body.