Doctors and Staff

Donald W. Holmes, DVM, Owner

Dr. Holmes is the founder and owner of North Kenilworth Veterinary Care.

The Arizona native earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and is a graduate of the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

His affiliations include the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association.

Residents of the Willo Historic District of Phoenix, he and his wife, Nancy, share their lives with three dogs and fifteen cats. When they aren’t caring for this pack, they enjoy hiking, camping and fishing in Arizona’s beautiful outdoors.


Nicole Young, DVM

Dr. Young is a Wisconsin native (Go Packers!) with more recent roots in Arizona. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University (Go Devils!) and returned home to Wisconsin to complete her veterinary medical degree at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Veterinary Medicine (Go Badgers!).

Howie, her trusty Border Collie and canine soul mate, has always been her inspiration. He was there every step of the way as they made several treks across the country while she completed her undergraduate and veterinary medical degrees.

A fan of the herding breeds, Dr. Young has two other Border Collies, Sam and Ava, that enjoy running, playing fetch, and going to the dog park. Some of Dr. Young’s other favorite pastimes include reading, bike rides and cooking.


Aja Manahan, Certified Veterinary Technician

A dog may be called “man’s best friend” but to Aja (pronounced like the continent of Asia) Crain, it’s turned out to be more like a “girl’s best buddy.”

The North Dakota native moved south to Arizona with her family when she was six. At age 11, she got her first dog, Willow, who at 14 ½ years is still showering her with canine affection.

Aja earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Veterinary Science from the University of Arizona and passed the state examination to become a certified veterinary technician in 2011. She joined the staff at North Kenilworth Veterinary Care in the summer of 2012 where she cares for our patients and assists our veterinarians.

“I love seeing people with their beloved pets and how happy pets can make their owners feel. I’ve always wanted to work with animals and cannot think of anything I would be better at or enjoy more than working in the veterinary field,” shares Aja, who enjoys hiking, volleyball, fishing and camping with her husband.

While she doesn’t exactly take her work home, she is still surrounded with animal companions. They share their Phoenix home with five other pets besides loyal Willow. Tetuy, a 3 ½ year old Sharpei/Pit mix; Eldie, a 3 year old terrier mix; Newton, a 3 ½ year old kitty that was bit by a rattlesnake; Layla, a 7 year old kitty with three legs, and Houdini, a 4 year old kitty vying for the title of “nicest cat ever in the world.”


Amber Taylor, Veterinary Technician

California native Amber Tayor recalls growing up with lots of animals all around her, including the injured ones she brought home for care. At age five, the local veterinarian let her “assist” him during a visit and she was hooked on being a vet herself.

Amber graduated from Yuba College with an Associates degree in Science. She joined North Kenilworth Veterinary Care in the spring of 2011 as a veterinary technician, assisting the doctors in medical and surgical procedures. She loves all aspects of her job and believes that the staff at North Kenilworth has an extraordinary passion for animals which, in turn, is demonstrated by the high quality of patient care.

Off-duty, Amber enjoys hiking, camping, four-wheeling, shooting, and exploring old ghost towns and ancient mine ruins. Her pet family includes two German shepherds, a pitbull/greyhound mix, a basset hound, four cats, and an Amazon parrot.


Christy Bostick, Veterinary Technician

Christy Bostick is a life-long resident of Phoenix and a graduate of Apollo College where she received her veterinary assistant certification.

The Maryvale High School alumnus grew up with dogs as family pets, and it was through their companionship that Christy realized her life’s vocation.

As a member of the compassionate team of veterinary professionals, she lends her caring and understanding nature to the many pet patients that are treated daily at North Kenilworth Veterinary Care.

Away from the clinic, Christy enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends and family, and reading. Her canine companions include a German Shepherd Dog, a Labrador Retriever, and a Chihuahua.


Joanna Garcia, Veterinary Technician

Los Angeles native Joanna Garcia moved to Phoenix with her family when she was 9 years old.  She got her first dog — a black cocker spaniel named Mickey — two years later when she was 11.

“I have always had a strong love for animals,” says Joanna who attended the Veterinary Assistant Program at Apollo College.  She joined the team at North Kenilworth Veterinary Care in August of 2012.

Joanna finds assisting in the care and treatment of our animal patients very rewarding personally.  She also appreciates that the mission and clinic size the veterinarians and technicians to provide whatever specialized, individualized care is needed for each pet and its owner.

Away from work, Joanna enjoys reading, going to the park, and spending time with her family, which includes pitbull, Negra, cocker spaniel mixes,  Minnie and Willie, and chihuahuas, Chiquita and Fluffy.


Lauren Champlin, Receptionist

Utah native Lauren Champlin was a toddler when introduced to her first pet, a Dalmatian named Freckles. “He was the BEST dog ever!” claims Lauren, who warmly greets all clients and pets when they arrive at our clinic.

“It’s very important to me to be involved with the care of the animals,” says Lauren. “The doctors and the vet techs give so much love and care to all of our patients. I’m so happy to be a part of such an awesome team.” Lauren joined North Kenilworth Veterinary Care in the fall of 2012.

When Lauren is away from work, she enjoys photography, music, art, crafts and cooking. You’ll find her spending time with family and friends as well as her one year old cat, Ringo, whom Lauren saved from a dumpster when she was a tiny five weeks-old kitten.


Naiomi Dickmeyer, Veterinary Technician


Diana Reyes, Certified Veterinary Technician